JDRS at GerrAudio

November 4, 2016

In my travels to the Brockville region this past September, I had a side trip planned to GerrAudio, which is located in Brockville, to have an ailing DPA microphone looked after. GerrAudio is the Canadian DPA approved dealer and warranty depot, so it was fortunate and coincidental that part of my trip to visit friends in Brockville could include a visit to there as well. Unfortunately, my mic needed to be sent back to the factory in Denmark but I did have an opportunity to meet and talk shop with owner Bob Snelgrove and got a tour of their facility.

All’s well that ends well. I got my mic back in time for the busy fall and winter season and it’s sounding as good as new ready to take on more projects. My thanks to Bob and his staff for making that happen.

Me with Bob Snelgrove at GerrAudio

Me with Bob Snelgrove at GerrAudio

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