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An Idyllic Backyard Performance for Nuit Blanche

Oct 05 2020

Ordinarily, this night time festival would have live music performances and displays of art and dance in various locations in the city. Of course, this is not an ordinary year.

Live Jazz In A Streaming World

Aug 30 2020

Live Jazz in a Streaming World – the fears and the joys of recording live music in the age of COVID19.

Launching a New Choir Director

Feb 27 2020

It’s not unusual for me to be asked to record a choral or orchestral recital. But it is a rare treat to…

Polycoro presents “Pulse” at Minto Armoury

Nov 11 2019

Polycoro‚Äôs second concert of their season on Nov. 9, tied together themes of war, life, and death in a solemn exploration for…

Agassiz Chamber Music Festival – 20th Anniversary

May 27 2019

The Agassiz Chamber Music Festival is on again and celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. I am happy to be recording the…

Honouring a Friend

Mar 08 2019

Last December I lost a good and long-time friend, Mike Kuzyk. 2019 would have been 50 years since we met and became…

New Anthems for St. Mary’s Academy

Jan 25 2019

In commemoration of St. Mary’s Academy’s 150th anniversary in 2019, they the engaged me to record three new arrangements of “O Canada”…

JDRS Records Esprit de Choeur’s “Silk Threads”

Dec 13 2018

When it comes to choirs and choral music, Winnipeg has an embarrassment of riches. This is a choir town. And for fans of choral…

Gwen Hoebig & Karl Stobbe Album Release

Feb 04 2018

JDRS is pleased to announce the release of Jean-Marie Leclair: Six Sonatas for Two Violins. The album was performed by the concertmaster…

JDRS at WSO’s 2018 New Music Festival

Jan 22 2018

For lovers of contemporary new music, the Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall will be the place to be as the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra…

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